Deposit Solutions
Account Type
Minimum Opening Deposit
Minimum Balance To Avoid Fee
Daily Balance Requirements
Associated Maintenance Fee
Regular Checking
$400 and above
No Charge
$200 to 399.99 $3.00
$0 to 199.99 $5.00
Free Checking $25 None
Silver Security

(You Must Be 62 Years of Age or Older to Qualify)


(Limited to One Account per Household)

Now Account*

(Interest Bearing)

$1200 and above
No Charge
$1199.99 to $800.00
$799.99 to $400.00
$399.99 to $0.00
Money Market*
Retain balance of $500 or more every day of the statement cycle.
No Charge
Balance falls below $500 any day of the statement cycle.
Regular Savings*

(Interest Bearing)

$200 and above
No Charge
$0.00 to $199.99 $2.00
Business Checking


An Earnings Credit will be calculated on the Average Collected Balance to Offset Activity Charges
Earnings Credit

The 4 Week Average

91 day U.S. Treasury Bill Rate Computed on the Average Collected Balance, less 3% Reserves

$5.00 per month Maintenance Fee

Plus Activity Charges

Checks Paid/Debits - $0.15

Deposits/Credits - $0.15

Deposited Items (Not on-us) - $0.10

For more information concerning any of our products or services please call us at 405-424-4341 or email us at** or stop by First Security Bank at 1541 NE 23rd Street 73111-3299.

*These accounts are interest bearing accounts and earn interest based on the daily collected balance in the account. Current Rates and Annual Percentage Yield (APY) disclosures can be obtained by contacting a First Security Bank New Accounts Representative or stop by First Security Bank for rate information.

* Please do not send personal information such as account numbers via this email address. Within the online banking system is a secure Bank Mail feature that may be used to convey sensitive information.

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