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DeWayne Walker, Cosmopolitan Construction and Development

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DeWayne Walker is dedicated to bringing more economic stability to the Eastside of Oklahoma City. 

As the CEO of Cosmopolitan Construction and Development, a growing commercial and residential construction company, Mr. Walker’s business is focused on building excellent homes, businesses, and communities. For the past three years, Mr. Walker and his team have built and remodeled properties across the Oklahoma City metro area and in areas as far as Dallas to create maximum opportunities for under-resourced communities.

When Mr. Walker was seeking a new bank for his business, he let these core values guide him. At FSB, Mr. Walker found shared guiding principles and a bank that would support his business of constructing homes and businesses while simultaneously developing leaders and creating healthy communities.

“It's been fantastic,” said Mr. Walker. “The people at FSB know exactly who I am and it’s a very personal banking experience. I'm more than just money in the bank. ”Mr. Walker was referred to First Security Bank by customer Nerissa Berry, owner of Nerissa Berry Insurance. He opened a business account with First Security Bank in 2023. Mr. Walker notes the bank's values, commitment to community, and personalized service create a positive overall banking experience for him.

“What stands out to me most is First Security Bank’s values, how personal they are, and the excellent support they provide. They're just really nice people and you don’t get that everywhere you go!”

To contact Mr. Walker for more information regarding construction or real estate investing needs, he can be reached via email at

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