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Small Business & Commercial Services

We love to help people with their personal banking needs for themselves and their families; however, our mission is to help you build your business by providing a full suite of financial services. While our banking products easily accommodate large businesses with robust payrolls and special needs for their deposit accounts, we specialize in what we call micro-businesses.


Micro-businesses are locally owned businesses with less than fifteen employees. These organizations face different challenges than larger businesses – and we understand that.


Let us help you.

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Our Community Impact
Emmanuel Sosanya Intentional Fitness First Security Bank Community Impact

Emmanuel Sosanya has been a personal trainer for over 20 years and strives to promote healthy lifestyles. With this passion, he decided to start his own business and is creating a strong fitness community in Northeast Oklahoma City. Intentional Fitness, a popular OKC gym with a full parking lot, almost didn’t get its start when owner Mr. Sosanya faced barriers to start up capital.


Then, First Security Bank stepped-up to help Mr. Sosanya finance his dreams. “Our team evaluated his loan request and found that it wasn’t the best approach given his unique situation. Instead of sending Mr. Sosanya away, we took a step back and explored other options,” said John Day, First Security Bank, President/CEO.


“We wanted to treat this as a learning opportunity and prove that we have our client’s best interest at heart. After going through different options, we discovered that a flexible loan based on a very different approach was the best option and would allow him to start his business without unnecessary financial burdens.”


First Security Bank goes above and beyond to help clients find the best possible routes to financial success and rise to the occasion in moments of uncertainty.


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