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Torry Elston, TA Homes

Torry Elston owns several Oklahoma City investment properties and franchises, including TA Homes and Pearle Vision.

Initially, First Security Bank helped ensure Mr. Elston had the necessary financial support to be successful in expanding his rental property portfolio. TA Homes provides safe places to live and work while also keeping taxes local to assist with city funding. Then Mr. Elston went on to establish his Pearle Vision franchises.

First Security Bank not only provided an investment loan to help the company expand its rental properties, but also gave business advice to help the franchise accomplish their goals. “We strive to be an ally in the community and a helping hand,” said John Day, First Security Bank, President/CEO.

Mr. Elston described the bank as “going above and beyond for their customers and educating them on financial decisions.” First Security Bank values our clients’ futures and wants them to be fully informed about financing options in hopes of leading a successful business.

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