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Brandon Lee, Precise Dental Lab

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Brandon Lee is dedicated to delivering exceptional work and helping patients achieve the smiles they desire.

Mr. Lee has been the owner and operator of Precise Dental Lab since 2015. Alongside his team of skilled technicians, Mr. Lee produces top-notch dental restorations and appliances for dental practices and patients in Oklahoma and the surrounding areas. Partners and patients alike praise Precise Dental Lab for their timeliness and precision in fabrication and repair of dentures and partials.

Mr. Lee initially connected with First Security Bank through a chance encounter at a dentist's office with Kevin Perry, a board member of FSB, who connected him with John Day, the bank's president and CEO. John led Mr. Lee through FSB’s small business banking program that provide business owners with financial tools and resources to support the management and operations of their small business.

“As a small business owner, I notice that you really want to bank with a good local bank because they know the temperature of the market inside your state, unlike the big banks.” 

The First Security team prioritizes customers’ individual needs and is always looking for opportunities to support those in our community.  “John also got me connected to the Real Deal Collective, a program which helped me elevate and grow my businesses. He appreciates the hands-on approach and the family-like atmosphere, where his input and aspirations as an entrepreneur are valued,” Mr. Lee said.

“Banking with First Security Bank is the best decision you can make for your small business. I've been with the big banks in the past, but this bank has really shown me, in the short amount of time that I've been banking with them, that they should have been my first choice all along.”

To achieve the smile you’ve always wanted, contact Mr. Lee and Precise Dental Lab to collaborate with your dentist for premium dental services. Email him at

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