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Chasadi Ortiz, Lottie Scott Title Company

A man, Emmanuel Sosanya, in a workout tan that says "Intentional Fitness" stand in front of a turquoise background, smiling.

Chasadi Ortiz owns the Lottie Scott Title Company on the Eastside of OKC and has been in business for almost a year. First Security Bank provides small business banking services for the title company.

“There’s peace of mind when it’s something you don’t have to think about or worry about.

As a business owner, I’ve got a thousand things on my to-do list at all times. It’s comforting that I’ve never had a problem with FSB.”

Ms. Ortiz said the customer service is truly exceptional, and the fact that they value their customers. She first heard about First Security Bank from her grandparents who had banked there for years. The team at First Security Bank is professional, and friendly, which gives her a sense of community and family when she visits the bank.

“I know I'll never switch banks, mainly because everyone there is great. From John to Paige, Miss Tina, Linzy, Ashley, and Lorre, they have a great team!”

If she were going to recommend First Security Bank to another business professional, she would again highlight their top-tier customer service.

”Nowadays, it’s difficult to get person-to-person interaction, but with First Security Bank, I can always talk to someone almost instantly. Not being transferred a million times, that's something I appreciate.”

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