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Brittany and Robert Clay, A Sweet Experience

Brittany and Robert Clay have been making their famous TT's Sweet Potato Pie for years, ever since their oldest son requested it for his birthday. After quickly becoming a family favorite, they decided to share it with more people. Then when they received rave reviews from friends, family, and local food critics, they decided to start A Sweet Experience as an LLC in November 2021. Since then, they’ve grown and expanded their offerings, including their top-selling Dem BuTTer Cookies and Strawberry Ooh.

When it came to finding the right financial institution to support their growing business, they turned to First Security Bank and Trust, and their experience with First Security has been nothing short of amazing.

Mrs. Clay describes working with FSB like meeting long-lost relatives who were looking for them to give them all they've had to offer and all that they've missed out on by not being connected.

“One thing that stands out about First Security Bank is how personable the employees are. Everyone from the tellers to the President treats you with respect, no matter how much money they have in their accounts. The employees at First Security are advocates for A Sweet Experience, rallying behind us to get our business in the best possible financial position.”

The Clays have worked with several competent and respectable tellers and customer service workers, but their initial relationship started with John Day and his assistant Kimberly, who helped them get their accounts set up and provided guidance along the way. They highly recommend First Security Bank and Trust to any business owner looking for a financial institution that truly cares about them and their success.

“Thanks to the support of First Security, A Sweet Experience is well on its way to becoming a household name in Oklahoma City,” said Mrs. Clay.

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