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Stephen and Staci Nelson, Everything Creative

A man, Emmanuel Sosanya, in a workout tan that says "Intentional Fitness" stand in front of a turquoise background, smiling.

Stephen and Staci Nelson from Everything Creative Inc. have been thriving for 18 years as a full-service party and event company in Deer Creek, Oklahoma. They recently joined forces with First Security Bank, a decision that the Nelsons said has proven invaluable. They found First Security Bank through The Real Deal Collective, a 16-week business development course by the Metisse Group, which taught them the significance of business credit versus personal credit.

Since becoming a First Security Bank customer, Stephen and Staci have consistently received exceptional service.

“Until we met John Day, we never felt like a bank president genuinely cared about us or our business,” Mr. Nelson said.

From the officer at the door to the tellers, everyone greets them, and honestly appreciates their business. Their experience with First Security Bank has been so positive that they have decided to consolidate their accounts with other banks and work solely with First Security Bank.

“The honest and direct approach of First Security Bank has helped us understand what we need to succeed. We have confidence that we’re supported in our ambitions,” Mrs. Nelson said.

They are now spreading the word to other business owners to join First Security Bank and invest their dollars where it matters. Stephen and Staci are grateful to be a part of the First Security Bank family, they look forward to a bright and successful future, thanks to the caring environment that First Security Bank provides.

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