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Darius Releford, developer & entrepreneur

A man, Emmanuel Sosanya, in a workout tan that says "Intentional Fitness" stand in front of a turquoise background, smiling.

Darius Releford is a developer & entrepreneur. Starting your own business can be difficult, but starting your own business right out of college can be extra tough. Mr. Releford, a recent University of Kansas graduate, is up for the challenge with the help and support of First Security Bank.

“By helping me with a small loan, I’ll be able to build an established credit history and get my foot in the door of the business world,” Mr. Releford said.

Mr. Releford’s passion for helping families in the OKC area and becoming a developer are evident in his determination and tenacity. He said his ultimate goal is to make a big impact on the missing middle part of the local community, providing housing for families and creating a space where they can contribute to their equity.

Mr. Releford said that First Security Bank’s welcoming attitude has been invaluable, and he feels like family.

“Working with First Security Bank was a really great experience. They were very friendly and personable and took the time to get to know me. First Security Bank really cares, and it’s not a facade.”

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